Coral Island Blackpool Review

On a gorgeous sunny day we took a trip to Blackpool and decided to venture… indoors!

For sun worshippers like us, it really takes a lot for us to get caught up in all the excitement that we forget about going outdoors!

That’s what it was like, when we were kindly invited to visit Coral Island.

Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest indoor free admission family attraction. It has rides, games and food!

It’s right on the Promenade which means there’s plenty of car parks around.

Armed with lots of change, the kids got stuck in to the usual arcade games. I had some experience (in childhood), of the claw prize machines but due to my constant disappointment, I tried to steer them away from spending an age (and money!) at the same spot!

I didn’t need to worry, with such a huge choice of games the kids didn’t spend long on just one as they were keen to try the next.

Like with any arcade the aim (especially for the kids!), is to get tickets. I initially thought this could only be achieved via the 2p/10p games. Much to my delight this wasn’t the case and we got to have fun playing games AND getting tickets.

During our 5 hours (!) at Coral Island we got to learn all our strengths and of course where we could win tickets and prizes.

Much to my surprise I was rather good at getting the balls in a basketball hoop and I totally loved it, playing at least three times!

Zombie shooting, ice blast, sonic game, hammering evil minions, ice hockey, kung fu panda drums, the list is endless and safe to say the games more than the rides or machines, were our family favourites.

Having said that, practically everything pleased the kids even though at 8 and 12 they were probably a little old for the rides they enjoyed them nevertheless, especially the pirate flyer ride, where we got to see all of Coral Island from high up.

At lunchtime we were treated at one of the restaurants inside Coral Island, the Buccaneer.

We all opted for the traditional fish and chips, (how could we not, it is Blackpool after all!). Huge portions of delicious food and the best thing,(which we will certainly remember the next time we visit Blackpool), Kids eat free!

Our favourite game and one where I won both kids prizes was the camel derby. It was loud and quick but got you in the competitive spirit!

To end our day we walked across to the beach armed with all our goodies, the kids were so appreciative and constantly thanked me which meant they loved it and when I asked they said they’d come back in a heartbeat.

It was out first visit and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect or how the kids would feel but we laughed so much and I can honestly say we had so so much fun. Fun is the best word to use when describing a great day had by all of us!

Disclaimer: Coral Island was a gifted day out, we were given pocket money to spend on the day and lunch was provided.

We were invited for review purposes but all opinions are honest and our own.

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