Tom Gates live on stage

Liz Pichon’s best-selling series of books Tom Gates, is now on the stage!

We were lucky enough to be invited to see the show on its first night in Preston.

My eldest has been reading Tom Gates for a while and youngest had only just started reading them. I wasn’t familiar with the context however, unlike the book adaptations we’d seen earlier.

The producers of the stage show were the same as Gangsta Granny and Horrible Histories both of which we’d seen at Preston Guild Hall and thoroughly enjoyed.

Once the show began and we started to follow the adventures of Tom and his friends both at home and at school, I wondered if it might be a little young for my 12 year old and his friend. Although my 8 year old was engrossed.

I was really impressed at the way the pages of the books came to life on stage. I have seen the book designs and was also told by the kids that Tom’s character is constantly doodling.

The backgrounds and set design were so impressive jumping from scene to scene effortlessly and also staying true to the story.

My worries were a little unfounded as during the interval the boys said they were enjoying it. The second half however, was everyone’s favourite.

A funny and musical ending with a good cast that managed to play a few roles that the kids only realised at the end.

Tom Gates: Live On Stage

Wednesday 10th – Sunday 14th April at Preston Guild Hall.

The tour continues and other dates can be found on the official website:

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