Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors review

My kids are huge fans of Horrible Histories.

So when we heard that there wasn’t just one show but two shows coming to Preston, we couldn’t wait to go and watch them.

My two have seen all the TV series (some episodes repeatedly!) and we also went to see Groovy Greeks in Manchester and Barmy Britain in London.

As guests of the charter theatre we went to see Terrible Tudors on its first night at the Guild Hall.

At first, it felt like we were at a history lesson. Don’t get me wrong, I love this aspect of the show, the fact that the kids are learning without quite realizing how much they’re taking in. But the pace to begin with could have been a little quicker.

This soon changed, the three actors on stage brought in a element of audience participation which was a big hit with the kids.

They then broke in to funny songs which kept us entertained and educated!

Legends were brought to life and we heard all about the torturing, terrible Tudors!

So much was covered in the production, we head all about Evil Elizabeth, Bloody Mary and of course Henry and his wives!

My daughter is going to cover the Tudors this year at school so I was even more pleased that she had a little head start! (pun intended!).

The second half was the kids favourite where they got to wear their 3D glasses and the past was a little more dramatic with special effects they weren’t expecting!

We had a great evening and are really looking forward to catching the second show all about the Egyptians.

Both TERRIBLE TUDORS and AWFUL EGYPTIANS are showing at Preston Guild Hall until Saturday 17th November

Tickets are limited and start from £17.50, call the box office on: 01772804444

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