Martin Mere Lego Animal Trail

On a gorgeous sunny day we made our second trip to Martin Mere Wetland Centre.

The first time we visited was about four years ago and the kids had a wonderful time even then.

This time however, we had the added excitement of the fabulous Lego creatures.

Upon arrival we were given a map to let us know where we could find the 14 Lego animals.

Our lack of co-ordination meant we didn’t take any notice of the map and just set off so we could see the amazing wildlife as we went along.

The giant Lego brick animals are hugely impressive. Each animal’s real counterpart can also be found at the centre so the kids loved the real and fake aspect of the trail.

The information about how many bricks it took to create and how much time it took to create each one will leave you very disappointed with your own Lego creations!

In total 253,728 LEGO bricks were used to make all 14 wetland characters.

Your admission ticket includes the price of the Lego trail so you don’t have to pay extra. Which means, if you’ve been considering a visit to the centre, it’s well worth doing it while the Lego animals are on site.

It wasn’t all about the Lego for us though. The kids favourite part was when they got to touch ducklings as they swam up to them, far too cute!

The amount of species at WWT Martin Mere ensures a lovely long day out. Buying a bag of grain on our way in meant lots of ducks and geese to feed.

The flamingos and trumpet swans were amazing and seeing the Storks being fed was a great experience too.

I have to mention the stepping stones as something so simple is always so popular with all the kids.

For an extra cost you can also do a boat safari but to be honest we were having that much fun elsewhere, that we didn’t end up doing this.

We did however spend lots of time in the adventure playground with our ice-creams!

A fantastic day out and on our way home the kids were already making plans as to what they’d do upon their return.

The Lego trail is on until Sunday 24 June, more information can be found on the link below:

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