The Lanterns at Chester Zoo Review

When your children start to get older it becomes increasingly difficult to find ways in which to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

So when we were invited to see The Lanterns at Chester Zoo, we were intrigued to see what the evening would entail.

Even setting off to the venue in the dark brought along its own excitement as the children are use to attending outdoor events during the day.

We were booked on to the 530 slot and the first thing we saw were two elves dressed in uniform informing us of what to expect. The acting was great and while the kids enjoyed the interactive elements I couldn’t take my eyes off their pointy ears!

We were to follow the trail of (pretend!) animals, who each had written a giant letter to Santa informing him of what they’d like for Christmas.

The children were each given a small lantern (which they got to keep) and we were also given a larger light per party to return at the end.

The zoo was lit up and looking magical in the dark with fairy lights and the wonderful animal lanterns guiding us.

We were very lucky with the mild and dry weather which made our walk even more enjoyable.

If you’ve been to any events by Wild Rumpus before, then you’ll know they often incorporate a circus theme. This was no different, as actors hung on trapezes pretending to be gibbons and we saw roller skating flamingoes!

The walk doesn’t take very long it depends on how fast or slow you would like to go, we did it in about an hour and a half but throughly enjoyed the experience.

The children loved walking in the dark (it made them feel very grown up!) and as we are a family who love theatre, especially outdoor theatre, they really enjoyed watching the performances, in fact if there was any criticism, it was that they wanted more of that interactivity as we walked around.

The walk culminates with a fantastically realistic Santa who waves at the children as we pass along. We certainly managed to find a unique event that reminded the children of the magic of Christmas!

The event continues until December 30. To book or find out more, visit the link below:

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