A Christmas Adventure at Thornton Hall Country Park

As you can imagine when your children get to 11 and 7 years old, you will have visited Santa’s grotto many many times.Some that we’ve seen, have been great and others a let down.

When Thornton Hall Farm invited us to their Christmas Adventure I thought the children might be a little old. Especially my son, but being the loving older brother he is, he was happy to tag along to make sure the magic wasn’t ruined for his sister.

The farm is undeniably one of our favourites places and we visit regularly. Both children have had birthday parties there and whenever we visit, we end up spending all day there (often leaving when they’re shutting up!). I knew that the tickets included all day farm access so even if we didn’t enjoy the 2 hour Xmas adventure, the kids would have plenty to do in the indoor barn, feeding animals, caterpillar rides and riding the quad bikes or ponies.The other children in our time slot were younger than my two but that didn’t phase them, they went along with the instructions from the farm’s funny and friendly staff.First up, hot chocolate (or mulled wine!) in Santa’s dining room.

Once we were warmed up, we were led by elves in to a craft workshop to create reindeer dust, write our letters to Santa and make our magical keys.We were off to save Christmas and stop the mischievous elf so we needed to arm ourselves with supplies!

The children then thought they were off to see Santa but in fact the naughty elf and Christmas fairy put on a show where we realised we actually had to go on an adventure to find Santa! So off we went on the Santa express where we found reindeer but no Santa..yet! When we finally got to the magical grotto we found a great Santa who was waiting with gifts in a lodge just like Lapland!We had such a lovely couple of hours and so much creativity and thought was put in to making the Santa visit special and magical for the children.

If you want to take the kids on a unique Christmas adventure, then we highly recommend a visit to Thornton Hall Farm.The Christmas adventure runs from Saturday 25 November until Sunday 24 December. Find out more and how to buy tickets on the link below:


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Adventure at Thornton Hall Country Park”

    1. This is so true Jenny. Especially around Christmas events I find. That little extra care to make it special for the kids goes a long way! It was a heat visit, a place of highly recommend if you’re ever in the area.


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