Berlin Family Break

This October half term we decided to opt for a city break in Europe rather than faraway sunshine.

Friends and family members raved about Berlin, so both my sister’s family (which included my 1 year old nephew!) and my family, (7 year old daughter and 11 year old son), decided to see if the art and culture of Germany’s capital could keep the kids entertained.

We set off on our four night stay on a Sunday with a quick flight from Manchester.

On arrival we visited the tourist information office and were surprised to find that all travel for under 15’s is free. We decided to purchase a five day welcome pass costing €41 each per adult (with up to 3 children traveling free) and this also included a map and book with information about the city (including discounts!).

The apartment was a little far from the airport but very straightforward to get to via train and then the underground. We were a little concerned about our luggage, the children and pram but really didn’t need to be as the efficient transport system meant tons of space for all these things.

After travelling we stayed in our gorgeous apartment the first evening and decided on an early dinner and night for the kids so that we could make the most of the next three days.

As we were staying in the Mitte area of the city it was very family friendly and close to many of the attractions.

Our first full day was spent at Berlin Zoo. We had debated whether to visit it because we have seen so many zoos in the UK but the kids love animals and the zoo had so much history (having opened in 1844), we decided it was a must.

So many beautiful animals in this amazing family friendly place that we’d never come across, especially the amazing Pandas! All thriving in habitats created to look like their natural environment.

We realised we had to see a few things a day if we were going to cover even a little of Berlin. So the second day of our trip we visited one of Germany’s most famous landmarks the Brandenburg Gate.

We also saw the Reichstag building and Charlottenburg Palace. The kids loved seeing these historical huge buildings just as much as we did.

For our final day we decided to visit Museum Island and of course Berlin Cathedral. It was spectacular to see nestled between all the museums.

As our daughter is studying ancient Egypt we decided to pay (adults only €14) to enter the The Neues Museum so see the bust of Nefertiti and other ancient Egyptian artefacts, truly mesmerising.

City breaks might be a little more challenging with children in tow but they are such confidence builders. The way the children were navigating the transport, trying to learn the language and research the places we visited was such a joy to watch.

The thing that amazed us all and a huge factor in visiting again is the people. They truly were some of the most friendliest and helpful individuals we’ve met on our travels. Be it helping my sister with the pram or walking over when seeing you reading a map. All the interaction made our trip that much more special.

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

8 thoughts on “Berlin Family Break”

  1. Hiya, thank you for tips on Berlin.. we usually go to France and Spain camping at summer but this year we’d like to go to Berlin.. 8 adults and 1 child… do you mind me asking where ye stayed please??




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